About Naomi Meyro

Naomi Meyro (b.1992) is a Jamaican-born artist, with roots in India and Germany, but raised in Northern Finland. 

Naomi studied Pedagogy with a minor in Art Education. She has been traveling and living in several different countries around the world; teaching and practicing art, music and yoga. Currently Naomi is based in Helsinki, but her second home is Berlin.

Visually Meyro finds it interesting to study the subtleties of shades, surfaces and patterns. The most important thing for her is to feel some kind of harmony and peace when the work is done. She considers painting a form of meditation, so if the painting leaves her with a restless feeling, she usually paints it all over again. 

Currently Naomi is inspired by light in dark: astrology, personal exorcism, the ambiguous sense of reality as we know it & hidden truths in so called fantasy as well as personal growth and relationships.

Naomi Meyro's artwork consists of:

acrylic based paintings, oil paintings, ink work & pen work and mixed media, for example analog photography mixed with ink.

Meyro had her first solo-exhibition in September 2019 in Helsinki at CafΓ© Roasberg.

Her latest exhibition took place in November 2019 in Berlin, at Planet Flow.

Upcoming exhibitions in 2020: 

Yoga am Park, Berlin (date unknown due to covid-19)